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Beauté du Microcosme


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4.03 suite Votre univers familier sous l'oeil du microscope

ou la matière est composée de structures fractales à tous ses niveaux.

Présentation par Jean Pierre Houde

" Ma vision de l’univers fractal, s’est développé avec le temps, pour englober non seulement les structures de la matière, mais aussi les organisations biologique et sociales chez les végétaux et les animaux dont fait partie l’homme. Le chou fleur et la fougère sont des exemples concrets de fractales végétales. Les parties sont semblables au tout.

Pour ce qui est des organisations sociales j’y vois des fractales des organisations biologiques (organes) .

La ville devient avec ses différentes infrastructures une fractale du corps et de ses différents organes. Toute les inventions de l’homme, ne sont que des copies de mécanismes naturels qu’il a puisé dans les fractales minéralogiques et biologiques, pour ensuite les adapter dans la matière. La fractale technologique représente donc la fractale neurologique. L’apparition du système nerveux chez l’ancêtre de l’homme, c’est l’apparition de la technologie pour l’humanité.

Les stratégies de survie de nos ancêtres animaux, se retrouvent dans nos vie sous formes de coutumes et de conventions. Ce sont encore la des fractales.

Un exemple que je reprends souvent, est le système solaire versus le cycle reproducteur de l’homme.

Dans la vision fractale, l’ovulation féminine, la migration de l’ovule à partir de la niche jusqu’à sa position ou elle devient fertile et à même d’être fertilisée, représente au niveau du système solaire, la position de la planète par rapport à l’étoile et la fertilité de cette dernière à un moment bien particulier. La terre est une ovule planétaire qui à été fertilisée par une sperme météorique.

Le cycle reproducteur de l’homme est une fractale des origines de la vie sur terre.

Les fractales du niveau atomique jusqu’au niveau galactique, c’est la reproduction à toute les échelles de la rotation d’objets autour d’un noyau. L’atome, la cellule, les organes, le corps, la planète, le système solaire, la galaxie, etc.

C’est l’invariance d’échelle de la théorie fractale.

La connaissance de cette logique fractale, doit selon moi, permettre à l’homme de conscientiser sa position dans l’univers et à la limite lui permettre de visualiser les liens étroits qui le relie à son environnement, pour le salut de la nature et de l’humanité. "

Ecoagir. L'auteur de ce texte: Jean pierre Houde du Québec, est le créateur d'un site qui vous aide pour créer des écovillages et contient une quantité d'informations passionnantes.



Amino Acid acide aminé


Amino acids are very small biomolecules with an average molecular weight of about 135 Daltons (or Atomic Mass Units - AMU's). These organic acids exist naturally in a zwitterion state where the carboxylic acid moiety is ionized and the basic amino group is protonated. The entire class of amino acids has a common backbone consisting of an organic carboxylic acid group and an amino group attached to a saturated carbon atom. The simplest member of this group is glycine, where the saturated carbon atom is unsubstituted, rendering it optically inactive.
 Beer bière


The oldest document yet discovered by man, a clay tablet inscribed in Babylon around 6000 BC, depicts the preparation of beer for sacrificial purposes. Two thousand years later, the Babylonians had made over sixteen different types of beer using wheat, barley, and honey.

Cholesterol cholestérol

Under conditions where there is a high level of cholesterol in the blood stream, the steroid is often deposited in the vascular system, a condition known as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. For this reason, many people must carefully monitor their diet to limit the amount of cholesterol intake.


Liquid Crystalline DNA

DNA is a very unusual molecule that is shaped like a very long piece of string. The diameter of the DNA molecule is about 25-30 Angstroms (about a billionth of an inch) while the length can exceed a thousand microns (0.025 inch) in some organisms. One of the major problems of molecular biology is how this giant molecule can be packaged into a cell or virus that is far smaller than the length of the DNA molecule. In addition, it is important to the cell to be able to access the DNA molecule for the purposes of genetic control, routine cellular maintenance, and reproduction. 

Endorphin endorphine


Endorphins belong to a class of biochemicals commonly referred to as neurohormones that act by modifying the way in which nerve cells respond to transmitters. The discovery of this class of biochemicals has an unusual and interesting history. In the 1960s, biomedical researchers studying the causes and effects of opium addiction had detected what they suspected were "opiate receptors" in brain tissue. Since it seemed quite unlikely that humans (or other vertebrates) would contain a specific receptor designed for a chemical derived from the poppy plant, the researchers focused their attention on biochemicals that might be synthesized in the brain itself. 

Polymers polymères

Polymers are very large molecules that are composed of many smaller subunits connected together by various types of chemical bonds. Some popular examples are polyethylene, the common plastic used in kitchen sandwitch baggies and DNA, the genetic blueprint. Polyethylene is composed of many small ethylene (2 carbons and 4 hydrogens) molecules aligned in a head-to-tail manner and polymerized to form poly methylene groups with methyl groups at each end.

Feather plumes

Duck - canard

Feathers have an exquisite beauty, tenderness, and functionality that has captured the attention and imagination of people for many centuries. Almost every culture and religion has found a niche for the feather that often penetrates to the core foundation. These delicate works of nature have been utilized as personal adornments, ritual objects, decorative artifacts, and tools by almost every society since the beginning of civilization.



Hormones are at the center of control for a myriad of biochemical reactions and metabolism. These chemical messengers act primarily by inducing or repressing enzyme regulation and the synthesis of enzymes. The mechanism of action of the hormones was first delineated by the work of Earl Sutherland and Edwin Krebs, studying the actions of epinephrine.

Ice Cream crèmes glacées

Ice cream is a frozen dairy food made by freezing a pasteurized mix composed of a combination of milk products, sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, water, and other optional ingredients. The mixture is agitated during freezing to incorporate air and insure a uniformity of consistency. Ice cream and related products such as frozen custard, ice milk , sherbet, water ice, and yogurt are generally classified as frozen deserts. 

Meteorite météorites

Meteorites hit the earth at an estimated rate of three to four a day, although the planet is very large and is covered by so much water that very few of these falls are ever witnessed and recorded.

Radiolarians radiolaires

Radiolarians are single-celled protistan marine organisms that distinguish themselves with their unique and intricately detailed glass-like exoskeletons. During their life cycle, radiolarians absorb silicon compounds from their aquatic environment and secrete well-defined geometric networks that comprise a skeleton commonly known as a test. The radiolarian tests are produced in a wide variety of patterns, but most consist of an organized array of spines and holes (pores) that regulate a network of pseudopods useful in gathering food. When observed with an optical microscope, radiolarian tests are found to be low contrast light-scattering objects that are best viewed using Rheinberg illumination, darkfield illumination, phase contrast, or differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy techniques. The diversity and beauty of radiolarian tests was first captured and revealed in 1862 by Ernst Haeckel's monograph, Die Radiolarien (Rhizopoda Radiaria), based on specimens gathered from the ocean by the Challenger research cruises of Alexander von Humboldt. The work features 35 exquisite copper plates illustrating hand-drawn radiolarians that still have not been surpassed in quality by modern optical and electron microscopy techniques.

L'univers est bien fractal à tous ses niveaux.


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